Braces for Kids in Santa Barbara CA

In Santa Barbara, everyone always asks the question, “When is the best time for my child to get braces?”  According to Kubisch and Ferris Orthodontics, located in Santa Barbara CA, orthodontic treatment starts at different ages, depending on each child’s needs.  No two sets of teeth are ever the same, so never consider a specific age the time for kids to get braces.  Orthodontic treatment for kids is a good option, and should be considered for most kids.

At Kubisch and Ferris Orthodontics, childhood braces are seen to be great in reducing the risks of dental problems later in life.  When kids get braces, they have less of a chance of needing tooth removal in the future.  Early orthodontic treatment can also create facial symmetry and create room for crowded, erupting teeth.  The American Association of Orthodontists recommends that kids should be evaluated at around the age of seven to see if orthodontic treatment is needed, but the age of seven is not the age for every kid.

If you have a child in Santa Barbara that you think would benefit from braces, Kubisch and Ferris Orthodontics would be glad to evaluate him or her.  Please contact us at (805) 687-6417 to schedule an appointment, or e-mail us at


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